NABU Wines: Capturing the Essence of Westlake Village

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Nestled in the heart of Southern California’s Westlake Village is a winery that effortlessly blends history, innovation, and passion: NABU Wines. With its commitment to producing wines that echo the region’s unique terroir, this boutique winery stands out as a beacon for both wine enthusiasts and those new to the vinous journey.

Rooted in History

The name NABU draws inspiration from ancient Mesopotamian deities. However, as founder Greg Barnett often says, “While our name reaches back to ancient times, our wines are a vivid reflection of Westlake Village today.” Indeed, every bottle from NABU offers a story—a tale of dedication, passion, and the distinct Californian soil.

Craftsmanship from Vine to Glass

NABU Wines takes pride in its meticulous grape-to-glass journey. Benefiting from Westlake Village’s optimal climate, the vineyards yield grapes rich in flavor and character. These grapes, under the watchful eye of their seasoned winemakers, undergo a transformation that marries traditional techniques with modern innovations.

Experience Beyond Tasting

Visitors to NABU’s tasting room often find more than just a sampling session. Set against a backdrop of picturesque views, the tasting room offers a curated experience. Last year, their 2020 Chardonnay—a crisp wine with hints of green apple and honey—garnered accolades and became a favorite among patrons. As Sofia L. Schiffino, a wine critic, mentioned in her review, “Bringing NAPA Valley experience to our area, couldn’t find a better place to enjoy wine tasting in town with a late entertainment experience🍷 …”

A Commitment to Sustainability

With a deep reverence for the land, NABU Wines champions sustainable viticulture. This dedication ensures that every bottle produced not only offers a taste of quality but also resonates with environmental stewardship.

Engaging the Community

Beyond crafting exceptional wines, NABU is an active participant in Westlake Village’s cultural tapestry. From hosting local events to participating in wine festivals, the winery continually reinforces its bond with the community.

Final Thoughts

NABU Wines, through its essence and offerings, epitomizes what Westlake Village brings to California’s wine scene: authenticity, passion, and a commitment to excellence. For anyone keen on experiencing this first-hand, a visit is more than recommended—it’s a must.