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As Westlake Village’s premier e-bike store, Pedego 101 Electric Bikes offers a unique, eco-friendly, and exhilarating biking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a biking newbie, Pedego’s high-quality e-bikes promise an unforgettable ride through the scenic landscapes of Westlake Village, CA.

The Pedego 101 Collection: An E-Bike for Every Rider

Step into Pedego 101 and you’ll find an impressive selection of e-bikes designed to cater to various riding styles. Among the standout models are the “Interceptor” for those who love cruising on the beach, the “Trail Tracker” for off-road enthusiasts, and the versatile “City Commuter” perfect for urban explorations. Each model combines function with style, offering modern design aesthetics and a range of color options.

Experience the Pedego Difference

Pedego 101’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets it apart. With top-tier technology, Pedego e-bikes guarantee smooth and reliable rides. The adjustable pedal-assist and throttle features provide flexibility, allowing riders to break a sweat or enjoy a more leisurely ride with minimal effort.

Rent or Own Your Pedego E-Bike

Whether you’re ready to own an e-bike or looking for a unique day adventure in Westlake Village, Pedego 101 has options to suit your needs. With flexible sales and rental services, you can start your e-bike journey in the way that suits you best.

Join the Pedego 101 Community

By choosing a Pedego e-bike, you’re joining a movement towards sustainable and efficient transportation. You’ll also become part of a growing community of bikers who value health, the environment, and the sheer joy of biking. As one customer shares, “5 STARS ALL THE WAY! I purchased my bike from a different store that promptly shut down a few weeks later. Half the reason I invested in a Pedego was to get it serviced locally. Pedego 101 is about an hour away but they have been incredible. Linda, John & Kevin have already completed a regular service to my bike, had accessories in stock & installed, and repaired a faulty brake line. Much of which was covered by warranty. I’m still happy I made the purchase. And even more relieved I found a store with incredible customer service to keep her on the road. Thank you Pedego 101!”

Plan Your Visit

Pedego 101 Electric Bikes is located at 2859 Agoura Rd, Westlake Village, CA. The store operates from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 5 pm on weekends. To rent an e-bike or book a free test ride, visit their website.

Pedego 101 Electric Bikes in Westlake Village, CA, offers more than just e-bikes—it offers a fresh, fun, and sustainable approach to outdoor adventures. Don’t miss the chance to experience the joy of e-biking with Pedego 101.

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